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Since the invention of the phonograph, the ability to play recorded music on its most nascent format, the long playing vinyl record, has led to more than a century of innovation to the most current technological iteration for such an action -- streaming. The need to collect, and subsequently conceptualize (thematize) a group of songs resulted in the album. For more than 100 years, the album, in its varied nomenclature (long-playing, LP, 33 1/3, EP, etc.) has


Dr. Douglas has utilized his massive digital music collection in many ways since initial conversion from digital analog (compact disc) formats in the mid-2000s. Since the initial conversion, he has created a now-defunct podcast ("Doctor Pundit 80s Radio Show", which ran from 2005-2008); uploaded to iTunes (iPod playlists); experimented with various online internet radio schemes; and uploaded/synced to streaming services (the retired Amazon Music Locker, Spotify Local Tracks).

Currently, Dr. Douglas utilizes Spotify for its Local Tracks option, which allows users to stream tracks unavailable on its service by syncing the service with the user's local hard drive via a local network. He uses this option to recreate selected Billboard Hot 100 charts. Dr. Douglas uses the Apple Music Your Library upload feature for the same purpose, but mostly as an album aggregator for titles not available on the streaming service. Dr. Douglas has canceled his patronage of Amazon Music. (He has subsequently stored his entire uploaded Amazon Music Locker library -- appended to his complete digital music collection -- within the AWS cloud.)

Dr. Douglas uses the Spacial Cloud platform to run 10 online radio stations whose playlists are culled entirely from his digital music collection. The online radio library and individual station descriptions can be found here. All stations are housed on the Radio.net internet radio portal. The flagship station -- Doctor Pundit 80s Radio -- is also hosted on the Tunein portal.